A truly heartwarming story of how two separate families, from worlds away become one family, and the obstacles they must overcome to be united. This story recognizes that we are not alone in this great, big world. At this very moment, there is a child sitting alone in a Chinese orphanage who desperately needs the love of a father and mother. You just might be inspired to adopt! All proceeds from the sale of this book benefit non-profit adoption agencies.


Every book purchased helps protect babies through local pregnancy centers and national Pro-life organizations. Thank you for making a difference!

Adoption, A Great Option: China!

32 pages

By Carla D’Addesi and Jocelyn Hoffman

We’re changing children’s lives one book at a time! It’s two-fold! You buy a book for a special child in your life and we give the proceeds to help orphans. 2 lives are changed- the reader develops a love and compassion for children in need, and the child in need gets financial support. 2 lives changed with 1 book! Thank you for your support!

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