Julia Learns to Marry Wisely

Julia is learning again! With the help of her family and the Bible, Julia discovers God has one important rule for marriage! She learns that God wants her to marry wisely so she can have a marvelous marriage. Author Carla D’Addesi continues to tackle challenging subjects with her adorable stories.

Julia Learns How to Marry Wisely was written for ‘such a time as this’. This little book is a clear and simple resource to help parents educate their children about God’s matchless design for marriage. The author presents the profound and obvious reasons why marriage is best between one man and one woman in language a child can grasp. Thank you, Carla, for this excellent presentation.”

– The Honorable Sam Rohrer, President of the American Pastors Network

“This children’s series not only teaches important life lessons but also how they can make a difference in their own life and influence the world around them by making wise choices. Julia Learns How to Vote Wisely and Julia Learns How to Marry Wisely are books that teach young children to speak out on values which are important to them and for their morals they hold dear.”

– Monica Cole, Executive Director of One Million Moms, American Family Association

Every book purchased helps protect babies through local pregnancy centers and national Pro-life organizations. Thank you for making a difference!

Julia Learns How To Marry Wisely

Paperback, 34 pages


Julia Learns How To Marry Wisely – Coloring Book

Paperback, 34 pages


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