Julia Learns How To Vote Wisely

Meet Julia, who believes that learning is always FUN especially when she is with her big sisters, adorable dog Cocoa, feather boa and her rhinestone Bible!

“How old must I be to vote?” asks Julia.

Julia learns that voting is a huge responsibility and privilege. This book ensures that your little one is ready to exercise their right to VOTE at 18!

This is a book that Christian parents have been waiting for and will read to their kids over and over again. Parents can use these ideals and questions to spark conversation with their children year after year as they grow and mature in their understanding of the political system. Our 8 year old enjoyed hearing it and thought the questions were a little difficult which is great for going back to it and re-reading for better understanding many times. Thanks so much for this!!

– Cindy C., mom of 3 future voters & elementary school teacher

“As the National President and board member of ‘Redeem the Vote’, I understand the importance of educating our youth about voting. FINALLY, a book that introduces children to voting wisely! A great tool for teaching little ones, in an age-appropriate way, about the importance of living in a free society! Julia Learns How to Marry Wisely  is a wonderful resource for teaching little ones the simple truth about marriage. Timely books!” 

– Pastor Bill Devlin co-chair Right to Worship NYC, National President REDEEM!

 Every book purchased helps protect babies through local pregnancy centers and national Pro-life organizations. Thank you for making a difference!

Julia Learns How to Vote Wisely

Paperback 34 pages

Julia Learns How to Vote Wisely  – Coloring Book

Paperback 30 pages
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